May. 3rd, 2017 05:16 pm
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I bought a fountain pen yesterday. My first fountain pen ever - I've never used one, I wasn't even sure how to write with it. But it does feel different when you use it - and the writing overall looks, I don't know, prettier? More aesthetic? Although I've been using my fountain pen for only a day and the writing doesn't differ a lot from writing with a normal pen (maybe it just looks more fluent). I can see a potential though and I want to practise so I could start writing with a better pen (the one I bought is a cheap, "training" one).

Any tips?
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My newest hobby is watching videos and photos of people's journals. Mostly midoris because for some reason there's so many of them. I'm talking about videos like these:

There's something so calming about watching them - and they're so pretty!

Recently I've been thinking a lot about getting back to journaling and those videos and photos (so many photos!) are a great inspiration.
I won't be getting a midori because they're kinda expensive, but I want to have something where I could write, draw, colour and decorate.
I think having a journal is very beneficial - mostly because it helps you to remember things, keep track of your progress and things you want to achieve. It also helps you with creating a structure with your thoughts/daily routines (which is especially helpful when they tend to dissolve into amorphous mess).

Those midoris are so pretty though... *wistful sigh*

All Out!!

May. 1st, 2017 12:18 pm
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I've accidentally learnt about a sports manga called"All Out!!" and started reading it today. It's so adorable!! I honestly can't stop grinning while reading it. Definitely something I needed today.


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There should be a service/website/app that tells you if/when the book you want to read is gonna be translated into your language. Like, I’ve seen dozens of interesting books that maybe will/could be published here, but if that ever happens, they’ll be at the bottom of my growing TBR pile and it’s quite possible I’ll forget they existed (and interested me somehow).

And I keep seeing all those cool books/comics recomended by BookTubers/GoodReaders and I keep adding new and new things to my TBR pile, without much hope I’ll be able to get at least a half of them. Which is annoying as hell.

Any advice?

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I wish Welcome to Night Vale finally returned from its hiatus. I know it’s a bit random thing to say, but listening to a new Night Vale episode every two weeks has been my routine for... years now, and as such, has a really calming effect on me (no matter the topic of the given episode). The lack of Night Vale makes me feel even more unsettled and anxious, and there’s definitely too many things now to be anxious about. So... I can’t wait.
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One of the most important and unxpected things in the new “Logan” trailer is not the fact the kid Wolverine meets is young X-23, but the fact X-Men comics are now an in-universe thing, something that exists within that world.

That quick moment from the trailer is enormously important because it implies that at some point someone decided to create a story, a work of fiction starring one of the universe’s most hated and feared minority - and made them heroes. Showed them as heroes, showed them doing important stuff, living meaningful lives, and having - that’s what the scene the issue from the trailer shows - support of others. Not being alone, different and “bad”, not staying in the background so the “normal” characters could shine, but being the heroes, the protagonists of their own stories.

There are in-universe authors, in-universe publishers that made the comics Laura reads - and the fact she could get them means that at least at some point they were easily available for any reader that wanted to get them. And - as much as I understand Logan’s “And not like this” - I am not surprised that the young mutant kid became “an X-Men fan”. Why wouldn’t you embrace the thing that helps you survive?

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"Don't be afraid. Just begin."

☕ = 📖

Jan. 12th, 2017 02:32 pm
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I’ve realised that I read books the same way I pick my tea mug every morning - by matching them with my mood. So no wonder I have so many books unfinished (I called it, “in reading”), because whenever my mood changes, I pick a different book. And that “picking” sometimes involves digging up a book that hasn’t seen the light of day for weeks (/months) and patiently waited for its time to shine.

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I've been digging through Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide and here are some droid-related things I found interesting:

  • you can program a droid to be loyal to you/your family/a certain class of people (for example high ranked officers),

  • droids can be programmed to identify as male/female,

  • droids with highly-developed sentience are better at more complicated tasks but are harder to work with,

  • frequent memory wipes destroy a droid’s personality (or if they happen since its creation - do not let personality to form).

  • sentient droids are aware of the quality/complexity of their own programming and can strive to change it (which is, IMHO, something very important) .Visual Guide mentions a Jedhan droid called L-1 K-OHN who saves money for a better processor, to be able to understand spirituality.

  • Saw Gererra owns a medical droid who is switched on and off because Saw doesn’t want him to have scruples about giving him more and more pain relievers. If the droid was conscious all the time, its programming would cause it to have ethical doubts and dillemmas.
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Setting a new Goodreads goal. Yeeeeeeey!
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Goodbye, space mum :(
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I've just booked a ticket for "Rogue One" and I'm so excited!!!
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These two remixes amuse me to no end. And I keep singing "So cooooooooooool" and "...Victory Town" about 186 times a day XD
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Farming games. Farming games and all sorts of so-called time management games, simple and ridiculously awesome. I have all sorts of outstanding games, with great graphics and plot, but the games that give me the most joy are these:

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..Because we're all in great need of such things

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So I watched the new movie set in the Potterverse and I gotta say - I'm SOOOO impressed. I really loved the new characters, creatures, overall mood and music. And it was so refreshing to see a story you don't know a lot about and you have no idea how it's gonna play out. I definitely recommend it to every fantasy fan out there. And I'd actually be happy to see a sequel - it would be a shame if we don't see those characters ever again.
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Yesterday I discovered (and have been marathoning through ever since) “Hidden Almanac” - a bite-sized Night Vale-like podcast by @ursula-vernon

I’ve been listening to it since yesterday and so far I’ve heard about:

  • evil pumpkins

  • interdimensional garden portals

  • undead car dealers

  • red wombat tea

  • glaring at horseradish

  • Great Mime Uprising

  • librarian prince


  • Steve

  • holy turtle

  • zucchini problems

  • nightmare cheese

  • Steve

  • more red wombat tea

  • Spice Wars

  • were-pidgeons


  • seasonal assasins

  • Black Beast

  • angel asylum

There’s like, gazilion episodes and it’s awesome. I kinda wish the episodes were a bit longer so they had time to develop a plot but “Almanac” is its own thing and I definitely recommend it to all the fans of auditory weirdness.
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What's your opinion about the new X-Men movie?
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*mild spoilers*

I've watched the new X-Men movie today and I REALLY enjoyed it. Some scenes (the ones set in Poland) made me laugh uncontrollably but overall, I had a lot of fun and I liked it far better than "Days of Future Past" and much more than "Captain America: the Civil War". I'm very disappointed I can't find any good Apocalypse fics but maybe that's gonna change next week, after the American premiere  :)


Feb. 14th, 2016 11:00 am
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So I just found this short animation and it's utterly adorable:


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