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I've started reading "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" by Alexander Freed today and it's so well-written and translated it makes me cry.
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There should be a service/website/app that tells you if/when the book you want to read is gonna be translated into your language. Like, I’ve seen dozens of interesting books that maybe will/could be published here, but if that ever happens, they’ll be at the bottom of my growing TBR pile and it’s quite possible I’ll forget they existed (and interested me somehow).

And I keep seeing all those cool books/comics recomended by BookTubers/GoodReaders and I keep adding new and new things to my TBR pile, without much hope I’ll be able to get at least a half of them. Which is annoying as hell.

Any advice?

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I’ve realised that I read books the same way I pick my tea mug every morning - by matching them with my mood. So no wonder I have so many books unfinished (I called it, “in reading”), because whenever my mood changes, I pick a different book. And that “picking” sometimes involves digging up a book that hasn’t seen the light of day for weeks (/months) and patiently waited for its time to shine.

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Setting a new Goodreads goal. Yeeeeeeey!


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