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I saw a shooting star yesterday!

For the first time in my life :) I made a wish, of course. I hope it's gonna come true :P
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About ten minutes ago I entered my room, only to find a... frog hopping across the carpet. How did it get there? How long has it been there? No one knows (probably not long though; the most probable theory is that it jumped in through the open window at some point during the evening).

Anyway, the frog has been humanely removed from the premises and hopped away into the summer night. I am just struck by the utter ridiculousness of that whole event: one minute you're brushing your teeth and another you're staring at a frog dashing through your room.

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My new favourite thing is watching people pulling apart artsy/pretty magazines and picking out pictures for their journals/art projects. It's mesmerizing. It's also something I loved doing when I was a teenager, so now I feel better about picking up the old hobby XD

Shannon's En Masse Collection Journal (playlist)


Jun. 1st, 2017 09:09 pm
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Who's gonna see "Wonder Woman" this weekend?

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So I’ve just found a needle hidden in my bedroom carpet and I’m staring at it with a mix of relief and trepidation. How did it get there? How long has it been there? How many times have I almost-stepped on it with my bare foot? >__>

I’m so glad I noticed it and so relieved I didn’t get hurt by it. Wow O___o
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Years and years ago (5? 7?), I bought a box of crafting leftovers in a second - hand store. It had been clearly someone's craft magazine - there are bits and pieces of scrapbook paper, a bag of googly eyes, some wool, bits of felt etc. And a STAMP. A weirdly big transparent stamp, with bunch of tiny hearts. I never used it because 1) I wasn't into stamping back then, 2) hearts?
But few weeks ago I watched a tutorial by  Ali Brown and noticed she's been using something similar:

It turns out the stamp wasn't really a stamp but an acrylic block you need to use stamps like these:

There was one stamp on it (the one with the hearts) but I was able to peel it off and now I can use it in my scrapbooking/journaling endeavours.

TL;DR: Five years ago I accidentally bought something I need right now. STATIONERY HOARDING FTW

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I've started reading "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" by Alexander Freed today and it's so well-written and translated it makes me cry.
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1) Wallpaper cutting knife is a powerful tool
2) Ever wanted to cut through a phone book? Use a wallpaper cutting knife!
3) Whoever invented a double-sided tape is a saint
5) At one point in your life you'll find the reason you bought some random crap years ago
6) Once you start hoarding buying stationery there's no end to this madness
7) Adhesive tape can be used to clean tiny things (little scraps of paper, bits of washi, string, etc) off the floor
8) You can work on your craft project for 5 hours in a row and not  notice that until you stop seeing your carpet properly
10) *unless it's ugly

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I'm gonna make a journal cover using a doormat and French skipping rope I bought at local Pepco. Wish me luck.

Update 1:
Checking if the doormat can be cut with a wallpaper cutter.
Update 2: Success!
Update 3: Having overabundance of success - the cutter also managed to pierce through the notepad underneath & chipped off some of the ruler. Fingers are safe
Update 4: Rounding the corners with scissors
Update 5: Using a bit of French skipping rope to make a notebook-holding thingy. Drilling the holes through the doormat turned out to be super annoying (thank God for the huge needle I bought few days ago)
Update 6: More. Drilling.
Update 7: It look surprisingly good. I've added a metal claw pendant (acquired months and months ago) as a decorative charm
Update 8: YAY FINISHED. Not sure if the doormat won't start to unravel after some time; in that case I'll put some felt on the edges (I guess).
Update 9: The inner side of the doormat is fluffy and soft so I don't think so I'll be attaching a pocket or anything like this
Update 10: That was NOT what I meant to do this evening (yay deadlines).  But at least I have a sense of achievement.

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Today's art-related conclusions:

Conclusion 1: I'm not good at making stamps
Conclusion 2: I'm glad I did not glue together my fingers or other vital body parts
Conclusion 3: Watercolours are awesome because no matter what you do, it seems that you did it on purpose.

Watercolours are your friend.

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So today I got my first set of washi tape and it's so cute! I love it! I'm also getting more and more addicted to cute stationery - it's almost unbelievable how it lifts my mood XDDD Overall, journaling and decorating is very relaxing and calming (even if you sometimes glue the journal pages together or spill the stamp ink on the carpet). I got some new stickers as well, and some tiny stamps - and I Squeaked out loud when saw how adorable they look with the new washi tape.

I feel this post is just me gushing about journal things but whatever. As the famous quote says, "You should do more of what makes you happy".

And here are videos of my two new favourite journaling people, Jumpy Jess and Ali Brown:


May. 6th, 2017 02:45 pm
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I have spent over two hours painting with watercolours I bought for about a dollar today. I haven’t used watercolours (or any paint, for that matter) since I was in the elementary school but I’m having so much fun. XD
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About two weeks ago I decided to return to regular journalling. I bought a new journal, almost the same as the one I had before, and one bigger notebook - "just in case". I've filled first few pages in the smaller one and realised I'd prefer to have more space to write (and decorate) and now I'm not sure what to do. Because I don't like ditching the journal I've already started - but at the same time I don't want to spend months and months with the format I'm not satisfied with.



I decided to go ahead and check if I'd like the bigger format more. I filled first page... and I realised it's not what I was looking for. So now I've returned to using the smaller notebook. I'm sure I'll eventually find some good use for the bigger one.


May. 3rd, 2017 05:16 pm
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I bought a fountain pen yesterday. My first fountain pen ever - I've never used one, I wasn't even sure how to write with it. But it does feel different when you use it - and the writing overall looks, I don't know, prettier? More aesthetic? Although I've been using my fountain pen for only a day and the writing doesn't differ a lot from writing with a normal pen (maybe it just looks more fluent). I can see a potential though and I want to practise so I could start writing with a better pen (the one I bought is a cheap, "training" one).

Any tips?
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My newest hobby is watching videos and photos of people's journals. Mostly midoris because for some reason there's so many of them. I'm talking about videos like these:

There's something so calming about watching them - and they're so pretty!

Recently I've been thinking a lot about getting back to journaling and those videos and photos (so many photos!) are a great inspiration.
I won't be getting a midori because they're kinda expensive, but I want to have something where I could write, draw, colour and decorate.
I think having a journal is very beneficial - mostly because it helps you to remember things, keep track of your progress and things you want to achieve. It also helps you with creating a structure with your thoughts/daily routines (which is especially helpful when they tend to dissolve into amorphous mess).

Those midoris are so pretty though... *wistful sigh*

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There should be a service/website/app that tells you if/when the book you want to read is gonna be translated into your language. Like, I’ve seen dozens of interesting books that maybe will/could be published here, but if that ever happens, they’ll be at the bottom of my growing TBR pile and it’s quite possible I’ll forget they existed (and interested me somehow).

And I keep seeing all those cool books/comics recomended by BookTubers/GoodReaders and I keep adding new and new things to my TBR pile, without much hope I’ll be able to get at least a half of them. Which is annoying as hell.

Any advice?

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I wish Welcome to Night Vale finally returned from its hiatus. I know it’s a bit random thing to say, but listening to a new Night Vale episode every two weeks has been my routine for... years now, and as such, has a really calming effect on me (no matter the topic of the given episode). The lack of Night Vale makes me feel even more unsettled and anxious, and there’s definitely too many things now to be anxious about. So... I can’t wait.


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