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I've started reading "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" by Alexander Freed today and it's so well-written and translated it makes me cry.
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I've been digging through Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide and here are some droid-related things I found interesting:

  • you can program a droid to be loyal to you/your family/a certain class of people (for example high ranked officers),

  • droids can be programmed to identify as male/female,

  • droids with highly-developed sentience are better at more complicated tasks but are harder to work with,

  • frequent memory wipes destroy a droid’s personality (or if they happen since its creation - do not let personality to form).

  • sentient droids are aware of the quality/complexity of their own programming and can strive to change it (which is, IMHO, something very important) .Visual Guide mentions a Jedhan droid called L-1 K-OHN who saves money for a better processor, to be able to understand spirituality.

  • Saw Gererra owns a medical droid who is switched on and off because Saw doesn’t want him to have scruples about giving him more and more pain relievers. If the droid was conscious all the time, its programming would cause it to have ethical doubts and dillemmas.
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Goodbye, space mum :(
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I've just booked a ticket for "Rogue One" and I'm so excited!!!
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Sometimes I forget how much I love heavy metal music. And then I discover something ike this:

Check out this guy's YouTube channel, he's amazing!


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