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I'm gonna make a journal cover using a doormat and French skipping rope I bought at local Pepco. Wish me luck.

Update 1:
Checking if the doormat can be cut with a wallpaper cutter.
Update 2: Success!
Update 3: Having overabundance of success - the cutter also managed to pierce through the notepad underneath & chipped off some of the ruler. Fingers are safe
Update 4: Rounding the corners with scissors
Update 5: Using a bit of French skipping rope to make a notebook-holding thingy. Drilling the holes through the doormat turned out to be super annoying (thank God for the huge needle I bought few days ago)
Update 6: More. Drilling.
Update 7: It look surprisingly good. I've added a metal claw pendant (acquired months and months ago) as a decorative charm
Update 8: YAY FINISHED. Not sure if the doormat won't start to unravel after some time; in that case I'll put some felt on the edges (I guess).
Update 9: The inner side of the doormat is fluffy and soft so I don't think so I'll be attaching a pocket or anything like this
Update 10: That was NOT what I meant to do this evening (yay deadlines).  But at least I have a sense of achievement.


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