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I’m watching this cool set of videos following Ali Brown’s Honey’s Slim Pickins Challenge and most of them can be summarized as follows:

STAGE 1: “What the heck have they chosen, those things do not go together”

STAGE 2: “What am I supposed to do with that?”

STAGE 3: “This is hopeless.”

STAGE 4: “…Wait, I have an idea!”

STAGE 5: “Wow, I’m actually really proud of myself.”
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Years and years ago (5? 7?), I bought a box of crafting leftovers in a second - hand store. It had been clearly someone's craft magazine - there are bits and pieces of scrapbook paper, a bag of googly eyes, some wool, bits of felt etc. And a STAMP. A weirdly big transparent stamp, with bunch of tiny hearts. I never used it because 1) I wasn't into stamping back then, 2) hearts?
But few weeks ago I watched a tutorial by  Ali Brown and noticed she's been using something similar:

It turns out the stamp wasn't really a stamp but an acrylic block you need to use stamps like these:

There was one stamp on it (the one with the hearts) but I was able to peel it off and now I can use it in my scrapbooking/journaling endeavours.

TL;DR: Five years ago I accidentally bought something I need right now. STATIONERY HOARDING FTW

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I've started reading "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" by Alexander Freed today and it's so well-written and translated it makes me cry.
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1) Wallpaper cutting knife is a powerful tool
2) Ever wanted to cut through a phone book? Use a wallpaper cutting knife!
3) Whoever invented a double-sided tape is a saint
5) At one point in your life you'll find the reason you bought some random crap years ago
6) Once you start hoarding buying stationery there's no end to this madness
7) Adhesive tape can be used to clean tiny things (little scraps of paper, bits of washi, string, etc) off the floor
8) You can work on your craft project for 5 hours in a row and not  notice that until you stop seeing your carpet properly
10) *unless it's ugly

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1) If you don't pay attention, you'll end up drinking your paint water instead of your drink (I was *this* close)
2) Old eyeshadows can be used for painting/decorating journal pages
2a) But you gotta do this after you write, otherwise your pen won't work
2b) Forget about looking for golden paint, golden eyeshadow is so much cheaper
2c) Cheap brands are the best!
3) Before you cut off something (especially some expensive/short piece of fabric) check the measurements once again
4) Don't put your art supplies on the carpet, unless you don't like it and want it gone

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So today I got my first set of washi tape and it's so cute! I love it! I'm also getting more and more addicted to cute stationery - it's almost unbelievable how it lifts my mood XDDD Overall, journaling and decorating is very relaxing and calming (even if you sometimes glue the journal pages together or spill the stamp ink on the carpet). I got some new stickers as well, and some tiny stamps - and I Squeaked out loud when saw how adorable they look with the new washi tape.

I feel this post is just me gushing about journal things but whatever. As the famous quote says, "You should do more of what makes you happy".

And here are videos of my two new favourite journaling people, Jumpy Jess and Ali Brown:

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About two weeks ago I decided to return to regular journalling. I bought a new journal, almost the same as the one I had before, and one bigger notebook - "just in case". I've filled first few pages in the smaller one and realised I'd prefer to have more space to write (and decorate) and now I'm not sure what to do. Because I don't like ditching the journal I've already started - but at the same time I don't want to spend months and months with the format I'm not satisfied with.



I decided to go ahead and check if I'd like the bigger format more. I filled first page... and I realised it's not what I was looking for. So now I've returned to using the smaller notebook. I'm sure I'll eventually find some good use for the bigger one.


May. 3rd, 2017 05:16 pm
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I bought a fountain pen yesterday. My first fountain pen ever - I've never used one, I wasn't even sure how to write with it. But it does feel different when you use it - and the writing overall looks, I don't know, prettier? More aesthetic? Although I've been using my fountain pen for only a day and the writing doesn't differ a lot from writing with a normal pen (maybe it just looks more fluent). I can see a potential though and I want to practise so I could start writing with a better pen (the one I bought is a cheap, "training" one).

Any tips?
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My newest hobby is watching videos and photos of people's journals. Mostly midoris because for some reason there's so many of them. I'm talking about videos like these:

There's something so calming about watching them - and they're so pretty!

Recently I've been thinking a lot about getting back to journaling and those videos and photos (so many photos!) are a great inspiration.
I won't be getting a midori because they're kinda expensive, but I want to have something where I could write, draw, colour and decorate.
I think having a journal is very beneficial - mostly because it helps you to remember things, keep track of your progress and things you want to achieve. It also helps you with creating a structure with your thoughts/daily routines (which is especially helpful when they tend to dissolve into amorphous mess).

Those midoris are so pretty though... *wistful sigh*

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One of the most important and unxpected things in the new “Logan” trailer is not the fact the kid Wolverine meets is young X-23, but the fact X-Men comics are now an in-universe thing, something that exists within that world.

That quick moment from the trailer is enormously important because it implies that at some point someone decided to create a story, a work of fiction starring one of the universe’s most hated and feared minority - and made them heroes. Showed them as heroes, showed them doing important stuff, living meaningful lives, and having - that’s what the scene the issue from the trailer shows - support of others. Not being alone, different and “bad”, not staying in the background so the “normal” characters could shine, but being the heroes, the protagonists of their own stories.

There are in-universe authors, in-universe publishers that made the comics Laura reads - and the fact she could get them means that at least at some point they were easily available for any reader that wanted to get them. And - as much as I understand Logan’s “And not like this” - I am not surprised that the young mutant kid became “an X-Men fan”. Why wouldn’t you embrace the thing that helps you survive?

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